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Back in 1983, with the impending birth of the second of our three daughters, and a booming real estate market, I decided to return to work. Thus, the quest for child care was launched. Not a one of the (many) centers nor licensed homes met my standards. Either the food was below par, or the rooms were dimly lit or the toys tired and missing parts…

With my ECE back ground, the decision to open and run a QUALITY licensed home came naturally..

What Sets Our Daycare Apart

Healthy Meals

Wonderful smells from my kitchen season my whole house! Homemade breads, soups, stews, side dishes make for memories and eager eaters!

Assigned Beds

My home affords three quiet crib rooms for healthy rest, for your baby's individual pattern needs. We'll even work with the nap schedule you set.

The Outdoors

2 acres of private outdoor space, removed from street. This is our BACK YARD! Spring we run in the breeze, summer we chase butterflies, love water play, fall we romp in huge piles of leaves and in winter we bundle up, feed birds and squirrels.

Flexible Scheduling

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Happy Parents

Our children are the primary source of our happiness. Knowing that your child is being cared for with the same level of attention they receive at home is invaluable. And we work hard every day to accomplish that. Here are some votes of confidence from parents we worked with.

My son loves going. We trust that he is safe and well cared for with Mrs. Jana! She's awesome!

Heather D.
Source: Google Reviews

My son was with Ms. Conev for several months. She did a great job taking care of the baby. The best thing is that she cooks for the babies.

Yang C.
Source: Google Reviews

Jana’s Potato Pancak...

Ingredients 6-8 russet potatoes, peeled and grated 4-6 extra large eggs (you’ll see if your test pancake holds together) 6-8 cloves of garlic...

Jana’s One Pot Cream...

Ingredients ½-3/4 c Canola oil One good sized white onion, finely chopped Equal amount of APF to canola oil 1 qt chicken stock 3-4 c chopped v...

Jana’s Raised Dough ...

Ingredients – In a 4 c measure: 2 c milk, 110-115F 2 pkgs dry yeast 2 tsp sugar 6-8 c APF Dash of salt Enough fruit-pitted plums or peach...

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