Ingredients – In a 4 c measure:

2 c milk, 110-115F

2 pkgs dry yeast

2 tsp sugar

6-8 c APF

Dash of salt

Enough fruit-pitted plums or peaches, huge strawberries, apples, peeled and cored, quartered for @ 40 dumplings

Melted butter

Cinnamon and sugar for sprinkling




Allow to milk, sugar and yeast to foam, about 5 minutes

Pour into stand mixer bowl, scraping measuring cup as necessary

Let rest, one to two minutes

Using paddle attachment, slowly add enough APF, until dough begins to ball, is no longer too tacky-about 6-8c, depending on the humidity of your cooking day. Add the dash of salt at about the ½ way point.

Transfer dough into a large greased bowl (spray is fine)

Cover and let rise, about one hour.

Prepare your fruit after about 45 minutes of rising time.

Prepare your cloth covered steamer (call me about this, or watch my You-Tube)

Lightly dust work surface with APF. With a big soup spoon, cut away 10 to 12 mounds of dough at a time from the bowl. Using the pads of your finger tips, stretch each piece of dough to a disc large enough to wrap around your chosen fruit. Pinch tightly to seal. Let rest, two minutes. Place the dumplings on your cloth over the steamer, being careful not to let them touch. Cover, and steam for 15 minutes. Remove lid-away from your face; remove dumplings onto a flat tray, using oven mitts. Immediately, prick each dumpling with a cake tester, skewer or toothpick.  Continue with remaining batches. Serve with melted butter and cinnamon and sugar.