Our empty nest has 3 bedrooms for undisturbed slumber. Please supply a Pack ‘n Play and 3 sheets. Older, potty trained, children sleep on cots in the playroom which I supply.
“Ding” is a big kitchen timer, on the counter in my playroom. Ding’s ticking tells my crew that it is time to clean, put on shoes, come in from the yard, potty, finish a meal, etc. Ding is a wonderful disciplinarian, fair and consistent. I am the good guy!
I have Toilet trained some 150 kids. Once the signals are there, we’ll confer and begin. It is so easy and natural.
Yes and no. I do not transport your children. I do, however have a 2 acre field. In season and weather permitting the walkie-talkies go out and the adventures begin!
Ha ha! I ENCOURAGE you to go out together! Go to the grocery store after work, get your hair cut, run errands – go out to eat! Just call me first – and pick me up a gallon of milk!
I prefer sweat suit outfits and/or loose clothing. No overalls with shoulder straps (they are dangerous!) Note: I suffer from a strange ailment: “Velvetitus”! I cannot touch velvet.
Please call me at (630) 986-8111. We can quickly determine if I meet your unique needs. We’ll set up a “Meet and Greet” or an evening so you can see the playroom and we can get to know each other. Then, you may also like to visit during the day, and meet my little circle of “busy bodies”. I’ll give you references at this time.
I accept personal checks or cash, on the first day of your week.
I post all of my holidays/vacation information in my foyer by mid February.
We’re almost done! One full week’s deposit (see contract for redemption) and a few forms…

Ask Questions?